A trusted partner and resource.

ROOST connects its clients to the most talented and trusted architects, interior designers, site designers, specialists, real estate professionals and landscape architects in Austin. We would love to be your partner from day one and be a resource for early stage decisions that will set a solid course for your home project. We are also happy to work with existing plans and teams if the wheels are already in motion for your home.

Communication is the cornerstone.

ROOST is custom, down to our communication style with clients. Whether it’s a weekly phone call, a detailed email, an onsite meeting, or a web and mobile app to share status and collaborate on decisions electronically, we make sure there are no surprises in building your dream home. With ROOST, you always know where your project stands, how changes will affect the bigger picture, what’s on deck, and what decisions you will need to make with much advance notice. From the first time we meet to discuss a project to long after you have settled in, it is our job to listen and understand your home needs, anticipate and fix problems, and guide you on what it all means in dollars and cents, and life’s other key currency…time.

We don’t sleep until it’s right.

It’s not uncommon to see Chad sweeping a project long after everyone has left for the day after repeatedly measuring every detail, or for Dave to run a budget fifteen different ways to find the one that will make it work. Their wives may have a different name for this, but their clients call it peace-of-mind knowing that ROOST doesn’t sleep until your new home is perfect.

We build homes with integrity.

ROOST is going to shoot you straight, every time. Sometimes that includes telling clients what is not feasible, realistic, marketable or within budget. We believe that’s our job and why clients depend on us and come back to us. It’s also why our homes come in on budget, on time and will delight families for years and years to come.